Benjamin Zander On The Art Of Possibility And Passion

Benjamin Zander

I recently wrote about Awakening the Possibility. That reminded me of a very enthusiastic personality I came across a while ago – Benjamin Zander. A few years back I had the opportunity, or I might say a privilege, to participate in Ben’s session at a closed event. Ben is the conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra, but curiously he also ... Read More »

Awaken The Possibility I.e. The Art Of Creative Thinking

Open Up Possibility - Firstlight Achiever

I realized today while walking outside that one particular thing I didn’t perceive as something I could do in the past years, actually would’ve been not only possible, but even relatively easy or straight-forward for me to do if I wanted to. It wasn’t a huge thing, but it’s quite interesting when you suddenly find that a certain belief you’ve had ... Read More »

On The Benefits Of Eating Healthy And How To Get Started

A colorful display of fresh fruits

Healthy eating is on my list as another fundamental ingredient of a good life. The benefits of eating healthy are so far-reaching that you need pay attention to your food if you want to function at your best and be a high achiever. What you eat affects a lot how you feel overall and what kind of energy level you have throughout each day. ... Read More »

Living The Good Life – 15 Principles For High Achievement And Happiness

Principles of good life and happiness

Imagine being in the underground/tube/metro of one of the world’s metropolises in which you haven’t been before – in the midst of the morning rush. Every single place is packed with people, anxious to move forward, to board and get off the trains. Imagine all the escalators, crossing long corridors, ambiguous signboards and announcements, ubiquitous ads, all the noise from people and ... Read More »

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